Believe it or not.

Personal true experiences about alien encounters
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Believe it or not.

Post by Taavetti » Thu May 31, 2018 7:58 am

I remember when I was 9 or 10. I was about to go to sleep. Looking out the window, I saw some strange light in the sky. Typically, four or five lights move in strange directions. Back and forth. I'll find my mother to show her. I know that time-out memories can distort, but one thing is for sure. When I showed my mother, she looked very confused and worried. I kind of waited for her to explain to me what they were, but she didn't know. They disappeared in a few minutes. I will never forget it, but when my mother looked shocked and confused, I was really scared.

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Re: Believe it or not.

Post by Xerxes » Thu May 31, 2018 7:59 am

The strangest thing I ever saw was when I was in high school, I was hanging out with a friend in a playground in the evening, chatting and looking at the stars. When two stars begin, I don't know how to explain it, I think they travel back and forth between each other. Then one burst out and disappeared shortly after the second. I don't know what they are.

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Re: Believe it or not.

Post by Margarida » Fri Jun 01, 2018 8:39 am

One night, I was in my garage. The door was open. It was a quiet summer night. All of a sudden, the wind was blowing like hell, and it sounded like a terrible fan was blowing, but it sounded huge, the leaves were flying everywhere, and the ground was shining with colorful lights. It was finished from the start and took about 10 seconds to recover.
I don't know what it is, but when I came out, everything was clear.

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Believe it or not

Post by MichaelMar » Wed Jul 04, 2018 3:14 pm

I was born on the month of April and I totally agree with the descriptions. But I dont believe in "chain" messages. lol

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