Crop circles new evidence,Theories & explanations

Alien evidence to prove alien existence
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Crop circles new evidence,Theories & explanations

Post by M.K.Barbara » Fri Jun 29, 2018 3:33 am

Crop circles - strange patterns mysteriously appearing overnight in farmers' fields - have caused confusion, joy and intrigue in the media and the public. These circles are mainly found in Britain, but have spread to dozens of countries around the world in the past few decades. The mystery has inspired countless books, blogs, fan groups, researchers (known as "brain experts") and even Hollywood movies.

Despite decades of research, the question remains: who -- or what -- made them?

Early crop circles
Many believe crop circles have been reported for centuries, a phrase that has been repeated in many books and websites devoted to the puzzle. Their main evidence is a wood carving from 1678 that appears to show a round oat stalk. Some people think it's a firsthand account of a crop circle, but some historical studies have shown it.

This wood carving actually illustrates the legend of the so-called "grass cutter devil" in the folk legend. In the legend, an English farmer tells a worker who is at odds with him that he "would rather give the devil money" to cut his oats than pay the required fee. The source of the harvest is not unknown or mysterious; Satan himself, with his trademark horns and tail, can be seen holding a sickle on a woodcut.

Some claim that the first crop circles, though not so called at the time, appeared in a small town map in Australia. In 1966, a farmer said he saw a flying saucer rise from the swamp and fly away. When he went to the investigation, he saw a roughly circular area of debris, apparently get squashed the reeds and grasses, he thinks this is alien spacecraft (police investigators said, however, that this is likely to be caused by dust storms or hoses). The media called it the "flying saucer lair," a story not so much about crop circles as about UFO sightings.

Like mowing devil legend in 1678, when we consider it is not in any form of crops, but in ordinary grass is formed, reason to associate it with a crop circle is especially weak. The circular image of a lawn or lawn is not necessarily mysterious (as anyone with a children's pool in their backyard knows). Indeed, mysterious circles appear in the grass around the world, sometimes believed to be the work of fairies, but actually caused by disease.
Modern crop circles

In fact, the first real crop circles did not appear until the 1970s, when simple ones began to appear in the English countryside. The number and complexity of circles increased dramatically, culminating in the 1980s and 1990s, when increasingly complex circles appeared, including those that explained complex mathematical equations.

In July 1996, one of the most complex and spectacular crop circles in the world appeared in Britain, across the road from the world famous mystery Stonehenge in the Wiltshire countryside. This is a surprising fractal model, called Julia Set, although some simple or rough circle could be interpreted as the result of the strange weather phenomenon, but it definitely shows the wisdom. The only question is whether this wisdom comes from land or from outer space.

What makes the design even more mysterious is that the circle is said to appear in less than an hour and during the day -- and if that's true, it's almost impossible for fraudsters to do it. The circle became one of the most famous and important crop circles in history.

It turned out that the circle was actually made three hours later that morning (by three swindlers). It was not discovered until the next afternoon, when it was found on a plane at the top of its head.

Theory and interpretation

Unlike other mysterious phenomena, such as psychic powers, ghosts, or bigfoot, there is no doubt that crop circles are "real". The evidence for their existence is clear and overwhelming. The real question is what created them -- and there are ways to study them.

We can evaluate crop circles by looking at internal and external evidence. Internal information includes the content and meaning of the design. , and external information, including the physical structure of the crop design itself (is there any indication that the design is by any other human?)

Crop circle enthusiasts have come up with many theories about what makes these patterns, from plausible to absurd. In the early 1980s, a popular explanation was that the mysterious circle pattern was accidentally created by the aggressive sexual behavior of horned hedgehogs. Some believe the circles were created by locally accurate wind patterns, or by scientifically undetectable earth energy fields and meridians called the ley line.
Others, like molecular biologist Horace Drew, think the answer lies in time travel or alien life. His theory is that these patterns can be created by human time travelers from the distant future to help them navigate our planet. Drew assume that the design is to convey information, he believed that he had broken the crop circle symbols, these symbols contains such as "believe", "good thing" outside, "be careful of those errors present holder and they don't keep good faith commitment" and "we oppose deception" (probably all is English), and other information.

However, these strange, pseudo-biblical messages undermine the credibility of crop circles, or at least their meaning. Extraterrestrial intelligence can choose all of the information to convey to the human - from how to contact the secret of their project, these aliens choose to transcend the speed of light to teach deliberately vague information false gift, broken promises and hope for the human (and what seems to be a reference to a popular "x-files" slogan).

Many in favor of an alien explanation claim that aliens physically created the spaceship model. Others suggest that they use the invisible energy beams in space to do so, saving them the journey. Some people believe that these patterns are human, behind instead of alien creatures, thoughts and wisdom - not in the form of pranksters, but a global spiritual power, expressed in wheat and other crops.

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Re: Crop circles new evidence,Theories & explanations

Post by AilenBaby » Fri Jun 29, 2018 3:38 am

First someone said it was a hoax, and then when most fathers don't do it by flattening, MIT built a machine and demonstrated the creation of crop circles. It is made up of "heat" and "technology", made of thin clear on long stems, stems has bent after being created, and when crops are mechanically damaged, will not. This is a good proof, although science believes that CC is made by technology. But their voices were so loud that the whole village was woken up. So they're still a step behind, even better equipped. Whoever did it, CC people are smarter than the smartest people on the planet.

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Re: Crop circles new evidence,Theories & explanations

Post by Raymundo » Fri Jun 29, 2018 3:39 am

What if the image is 2D for other reasons?Everyone in the room (forgive the pun) talks about aliens and higher dimensions, but who says this is not the 2D dimension of trying to connect. Who knew that the signal we sent to space was actually over!In a miniature black hole that transfers information to higher/lower dimensions. Lowering dimensions does not prevent them from being more advanced than we are, not just higher dimensional angles. If they master quantum computing, they can easily simulate three dimensions and create a form of communication.The fact that they communicate using microwave technology may indicate that they do use black holes, which are basically two-dimensional in our dimensions.

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Re: Crop circles new evidence,Theories & explanations

Post by Nicolau » Fri Jun 29, 2018 3:42 am

I think we should marvel at human beings. We have the ability to do that one night. Our math captures these amazing designs. All these alien things are now out of their funny side. One minute they always here to cooperate with the government, then they appear in the ancient times, and said they would return after 2500, these crop circles, even they here, they are here, they are here, is that they and we live together, whether they are creating these crop circles?The story has now spread all over the place and has become a farce and a complete case of tenderness

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Re: Crop circles new evidence,Theories & explanations

Post by Amily » Fri Jun 29, 2018 3:43 am

I saw an interesting film made by an Englishman. He lives in the same country as you. He is more credible
And the complexity of these crop designs and squeezing them into three-dimensional objects that together form the zeros.
He believed it was from another piece of intelligence trying to communicate with us, but why?
Why don't they appear in Trump wigs or create circles in city parks?
Anyway, he got his money and another position as an engineer, and he started making machines and came to England
Many of these images have been seen in films of mount Silbury in Wiltshire and its environs.
For some reason, he needed a device that could produce and emit plasma flames, which caused him the most problems.
He also met with a swindler and asked him to make designs out of wood and rope to show how easy or difficult it was to make them.
The designs are crude and, unlike the real deal, can kill trampled crops.
I'm not sure what I believe, but a lot of them, like the examples you showed in the movies, were made in one night, ok
It would not have been easy to produce without the manufacturer being found or leaving evidence like a footprint.

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