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Forum Rules

Post by Ufo Daily » Fri May 11, 2018 2:35 am

No Advertising: Unsolicited or unrelated advertisements as well as announcements or links to unrelated websites are not allowed in posts and will be removed without warning.
Posts: Abusive, racist, sexist or derogatory remarks towards other users will not be tolerated. Offensive, obscene or illegal posts or links is also not allowed. Keep your post on topic while in the related forums, and use the (undefined topics forum) for other topics.

Forum Etiquette:
These are common sense guidelines you should follow when using the forum:

Search First: We have a powerful search system! Before you post, visit our search page.

Stay on topic: Stick to the original author's question when replying. If you are straying off into a new topic, start a new thread for it.

Be patient: Give new users some slack, don't chastise them for not reading this guideline first. Make them feel welcome into the community. We were all newbies once. Avoid sarcasm, it's often lost in the post and just ends up being rude.

Be Nice and have fun! ;)

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